NiDCC connect members with peers, provide access to opportunities and share resources to benefit members businesses and careers.




Membership in NiDCC offers your business a global representation, making you part of a dynamic and influential community that is shaping the future of Nigeria, Africa, and the global economy. You will have access to a vibrant and dynamic network of professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses around the world. You will have opportunities to connect with the Diaspora community, to promote your business, and to explore potential partnerships and collaborations. As a global member, you will have the opportunity to tap into valuable resources and have access to a range of benefits designed to support your business and professional goals.

The NiDCC is committed to promoting the interests of the Diaspora community and to facilitating collaboration between emerging economies and the global economy.

Regionally and globally, NiDCC offers a range of benefits to businesses and organizations of all sizes and industries. These benefits include access to business networking opportunities, resources and services designed to support business growth, advocacy support, discounts on chamber events and other services, and increased visibility through marketing and promotional support. By joining NiDCC, businesses and organizations can connect with their local and global business community and gain access to valuable resources and opportunities for growth.

  • Networking Opportunities: The NiDCC provides a platform for networking with members of the Diaspora community around the world. You will have opportunities to connect with professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses in your region and beyond.
  • Business Development Resources: The NiDCC offers a range of resources to support the development of your business, including access to funding opportunities, training and development programs, and business advisory services.
  • Promotional Activities: The NiDCC provides opportunities to promote your business through its website, social media channels, chamber directory, and other marketing channels. You will also have opportunities to participate in trade, tours, shows and other promotional events.
  • Advocacy and Representation: The NiDCC advocates on behalf of its members on issues related to trade, investment, and economic development. As a global member, you will have a voice in shaping the NiDCC’s advocacy agenda and in promoting the interests of our members locally and globally.
  • Access to Mentoring and Business Advisory Services: NiDCC offers mentoring and advisory services to businesses. Our experienced business professionals and industry experts can provide guidance on business planning, marketing, finance, and other critical areas of operation.
  • Access to Incubation and Acceleration Programs: NiDCC offers incubation and acceleration programs designed to support businesses in their early stages. These programs can provide access to funding, workspace, equipment, and other resources necessary to launch and grow a new business.
  • Access to Business Funding and Investment Opportunities: NiDCC has relationships with banks, investors, and other financial institutions that can provide start-up businesses with access to funding and investment opportunities.
  • Access to Business Training and Development Programs: NiDCC offer a range of training and development programs designed to support business growth and success. These programs can provide businesses with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their respective industries.
  • Access to Professional Networking Opportunities: NiDCC provides numerous opportunities for start-up businesses to connect with other business professionals and industry experts. These connections can be invaluable in terms of generating leads, building partnerships, and gaining exposure for the business.
  • Access to Cost Savings Opportunities: NiDCC offers a range of cost savings opportunities for businesses, including discounts, advertising, and other services necessary for business operation.

Global membership of the NiDCC is open to individuals and businesses around the world who are interested in connecting with the Diaspora community and promoting economic development in Nigeria and other emerging markets as well as opportunities to network, promote your business, and shape the future of your communities.